Laser focused

As far as we can tell; River Region Rentals is the only property management firm in the area that exclusively does property management and does not engage in real estate sales.  We feel this is a distinct advantage because our focus isn’t diluted between selling property for maximum gain; or preserving and enhancing property value while building a revenue stream.  These typically are two separate goals. They are not incompatible, but the best skill set for selling homes may not be the same skill set needed to deal with storm damage on a Saturday. Oh by the way, a tree fell on the fence and Rover is now roving the neighborhood. Welcome to property management.

No back-up plan

We are a husband-wife team. We are all-in; we have a decided interest in keeping our clients happy as this business is our sole income. When you come to us you aren’t dealing with a huge company with franchises, multiple locations, dozens of real estate agents in a cube farm, or 9-5 employees who forget about you on the drive home.  The owners of this company ARE the company- we are actively involved at every level because we do every job, from the trivial to the most important. If we don’t get it done, we don’t get paid.

Our philosophy

River Region Rentals may not be the best, but we strive to be the best.  Our attitude is one of continual improvement; and this job brings lessons every day. We make mistakes sometimes, and we try to learn from them.

Our daily life

We love our tenants. Most of them. Some tenants we endure. Some tenants we ask to move away, and a tiny percentage we have to evict. Some we see rarely, some we see often, all of them know us.

We love our home owners. Many of them are personal friends. Some home owners we endure. The ones we don’t we love and don’t care to endure, we discuss in kind words before we fire get rid of them. THAT is one pro to business ownership we both appreciate.

Our Perspective

On a personal level, we’ve rented homes for ourselves to live in, and we’ve also bought, sold, and currently own rental homes. Having been on all the different sides, we sympathize with tenants, we know what the market offers for sales, and we recognize the challenges of home ownership. We bring an empathy to home renting we suspect is valuable.  Some of our investors are high net-worth individuals that don’t blink an eye at expensive repairs, while most of the rest of us (!) are counting on rent to pay a mortgage. We get it, and as River Region Rentals we try to tailor our management to your needs and goals.


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