For those interested in our single-family fee schedule, here are our plans. We offer 3 different fee schedules for single-family rentals depending on your current desires for income management and your properties’ anticipated maintenance forecast. We named them after the state flowers of Texas, Alabama, and South Carolina.

The Bluebonnet fee schedule streamlines your rental income to help plan what your monthly property management fee impact will be.  Magnolia offers a break on the ongoing management fee at the risk of paying more in maintenance surcharges.  If you have a very-well maintained home and expect to have low maintenance costs, the Magnolia fee schedule could save you money.

Camellia offers a mix of the advantages of both Bluebonnet and Magnolia.

Single-unit properties, duplexes, and triplexes can be managed on these plans.  For four-plexes we typically offer the property owner a choice between using the fee schedules below, or transitioning to our commercial plans for higher unit properties.

Attached is a file where you can download the fee schedule and explanation of fees. Any questions please call us (334) 625-0677. We’d love to help you rent your home!

You can download a more complete file at this link:




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