Our team at River Region Rentals specializes in the management of residential rental property in the Montgomery, Alabama, area. We do not engage in buying or selling of real estate and just focus on the property management field. With over a decade and a half of management experience in multifamily, single-family, and apartment housing, we deliver the highest level of professional management services to individual homeowners and investors.

Management of residential property is not for everyone. It takes a fair and level headed approach to dealing with one of the most sensitive subjects – someone’s home. Utilizing our working knowledge of the industry and focusing on great communication, we are able to balance the needs of the homeowner with the needs of tenants to create positive working relationships.

To truly maintain your investment, you have to have a manager who understands that the main priority is the asset itself. If the home or apartment unit is maintained properly, then you can attract a higher quality tenant, retain tenants longer, and potentially increase the value of the asset. Making the asset the main focus and priority will help to make all other areas of management fall into place.

We work with owners and investors in Montgomery, Alabama, and surrounding areas, including East Montgomery, Prattville, Millbrook and Wetumpka. If you own property in the area, please contact our team to discuss your specific management needs. We look forward to working with you!